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Kickball FAQ

Find answers to your burning kickball questions below or go to our rules page for detailed rules and regulations for kickball

What is the official sized ball for kickball? Expand

The official kickball is the red WAKA Kickball, measuring 10 inches in diameter when properly inflated to a pressure of 1.5 pounds per square inch.

While this is the official size for a kickball, it is recommended for younger children to play with smaller softer and lighter balls for the most fun and ease of play.

Is there professional kickball league? Expand

There isn’t a “professional league” for kickball, but Clubwaka has seasonal kickball across the United States.  The divisional winners compete in the yearly championship during called the Founders Cup in Las Vegas each October.  The Founder’s Cup is part of Clubwaka’s huge yearly adult social sports league event Wakapalooza.

Where can I find an social adult league to play kickball? Expand

There are tons of leagues and many different great companies offering kickball.  Check out our Join page for options. Additionally, adults can visit the WAKA’s official league website clubwaka.com.

Who invented kickball? Expand

Emmet D. Angell is credited with the earliest known rules and diagrams describing a game very close to modern kickball in 1910 is his book ‘Play’.  We believe the accreditation of Nicholas C. Seuss as the creator to be incorrect, he described the game 7 years after Angell in 1917.

How many people are on a kickball team? Expand

Each team should field at least 8 players and consist of no more than 10.  See our official rules page for more details.

What are “bouncies”? Expand

Bouncies refers to a rule variation in regards to how the kickball is pitched or rolled to the kicker.  Specifically, the ball cannot bounce higher than 1ft as it crosses the plate and must bounce at least twice or it is ruled as a ball.  See our official rules page for more details about pitching balls and strikes.

What is the right way to pitch a kickball? Expand

There are lots of good ways to throw a kickball and different pitchers prefer different styles.  The goal is to get a pitch that is through the strike zone while making it as hard to kick as possible.  The ball must bounce at least twice before reaching the plate.

Underhand Pitching

This is the easiest and most common technique which allows good bounce and ball control. at the pitching mound turn your body to bring the ball back to your strong side. Then rotate your body and arms to generate torque and release the ball towards the plate.   A variation to this would be to throw the ball in a more sidearm way, which can be effective but harder to control.

Overhand Pitching

Overhand pitching is allowed in most leagues but is generally not recommended as it is harder to control the throw and number of bounces.

See our Rules and regulations for details about pitching and kicking

Is bunting allowed in kickball? Expand

Yes, bunting is allowed in kickball as long as it is done according to the official rules!

Can you steal bases in kickball? Expand

Unlike baseball, stealing bases is not allowed is kickball. Additionally, leading off is not allowed.  Players must be on base when the ball is kicked.  Visit our official rules page for more details about base running and scoring.

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