About Us

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Our Team

Started in 1998, the World Kickball Association exploded across the nation with the formation of Clubwaka, the country’s premier social club providing adult sports leagues, social activities, and events.

In everything we do, we believe in having fun. Life should be fun, and people should be happy. Our goal is to create 100 million smiles and our mission is to deliver the best fun and life-changing happiness. We do this by operating a fantastic league, event, and party experiences.

Our Story

The WKA story goes a little something like this...

In 1998, four friends were hanging out in one of their favorite Washington, DC bars. A couple of them were missing the co-ed fraternity fun they enjoyed together in college and wanted to share that same experience with people now they were in the “adult world.” But first, the new social club needed an identity beyond just hanging out and having fun.

A discussion of the problems they all had with existing sports leagues they were a part of led to a desire to look back to simpler times. Kickball is a sport everyone loves, but few if any people participated after elementary school. This would become the glue that would hold the club and its members together. After that night, they added an additional friend to the mix and the five of them planned the first kickball season. That was the beginning of the World Adult Kickball Association (WAKA). Their mission?  To spread the joy of kickball leagues across America.

Later, WAKA dropped the “Adult” part of the name to become the World Kickball Association. In the early 2010s, WKA started running non-kickball leagues such as dodgeball, volleyball, soccer, and bar games. This led to the creation of Clubwaka: a social club that plays sports and games, not a sports league that has socials.

The first two of the original five founders to risk it all and quit their jobs and build WKA and Clubwaka on a full-time basis are the same two who remain with the company today. David Lowry and Jimmy Walicek work and play with some of the finest people anyone would ever want to spend time with. 30 full-time and 200 part-time staff working tirelessly across the country to continue the mission and positively affect every life they touch. Tens of thousands of players and partners shaping this amazing community. You’re the real MVPs - seriously!

Our Core Values

Live Fun

This is our “why.” Out of everything we do, we believe most in having fun. Life should be fun, and people should be happy.

Do the Right Thing

We make our best decisions when following this principle. This includes being positive, being fair, fostering a safe environment, and respecting our staff, members, partners, and each other.

Family First

We believe in the strength of family no matter how you define it. We do our best to accommodate and schedule time off needed during an employee's family needs.

Strength in Community

By providing real-life social opportunities for people, we are a positive part of every community in which we operate. We strengthen and better our communities by supporting community members, businesses, and charities. Partnering with us is a positive experience for all involved!